Five Cirencester artists are holding an exhibition to show what a positive future could look like if we take positive environmental action now.

The aim of the event, being held at Triple Two Coffee on Cricklade Street, is to inspire positive action.

It has been organised by Natalie Ellis, who recently won a WWF & Attenborough Film art competition.

After winning the competition, Natalie was invited to collaborate with others to share their visions of what a future looks like if we put nature at the heart of our decisions.

“There can be so much fear, guilt and uncertainty when it comes to anything to do with the environment,” she said.

“None of us are perfect and it can feel easier to bury our head in the sand. The goal is to help create a vision of what the future looks like if we make changes.

This is where artists play an important role, because they can help paint a picture of what that looks like.”

The artwork is on display until November 13, with a special “meet the artist” opening from 12pm-3pm today (Saturday).