Cirencester hospitality specialist Kiean has set out to sail around the world and seek a different life away from the demands of the past few years. Robin Thompson, former WGS chief reporter, caught up with him.

Kiean Glynn, former Disney World employee in Florida and Paris, who moved to Cirencester more than 10 years ago to help run a key French style restaurant, sold his home in the town and bought a boat to enable him to follow his dream: to travel around the world.

Kiean, 61, who set out from Southampton recently, is heading for Grenada as his first port of call.

He has two friends on  board for the moment to help him with the demands of what Kiean agrees is a major challenge.

"It had been an idea for a long time" explained Kiean.

"I truly began to think due to the current challenges in our life today, from Covid, to work, marriage,business and the general idea that we must participate in society until we are no longer worthy of contribution. "When I was travelling was frowned upon, it it was something only hippies did ...!

"But with a lot of determination and a little bit of good fortune, I have made it happen. Wow!"

He explained: "Three years ago I  moved out of my house and into a caravan so I could begin the journey of making it happen.

"It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate and need to dispose of. "That was quite a challenge.

"Then Covid came along. Sadly I lost both my parents. Now I find myself with a nice ocean going boat and have set out to discover the world.

"I intend to anchor as often as possible, I truly want to experience all aspects of the world.

"To circumnavigate it to see the wonders, the challenges, the global demands of today.

"This first chapter of what to me is my greatest ever adventure is both extraordinary and fantastic. Will I be back? Who knows!

"I want to do this whilst I am still physically and mentally capable of doing and enjoying it. I have always used my profession, hospitality, to enjoy what the world has to offer.

"I have worked in some amazing places, with some amazing people, had my own business for a short time, and had the privilege to meet some influential, interesting and lucky people I have, learnt so much about what is out there and how others see the world and decided that I wanted to see this for myself.

"I am going to do this on a budget, I have two pots, one for emergencies repairs etc, and the other for general living.

"I have budgeted myself £500/£1,000 a month to live off, now you may think that isn’t much, but remember I am taking my house with me, no rent/mortgage, no council tax, no electric bills (I have a lot of solar power) I will need to fill my gas bottle once every two months or so, so it is really only food and the odd bit of diesel for the engine and fuel for the outboard, so realistically it is possible.

"I intend to anchor as much as possible, only going into docks to fill up with fuel and water, although long term I want to have a watermaker on board so as to be come more self sufficient.

"My first destination is Greneda in the Caribbean, starting from Southampton, over the channel to France, across Biscay to Spain, then on to Portugal, the Azores, canaries and then over the Atlantic to Greneda

"I have two friends that are going to crew with me over to Greneda for the first leg, they are going anyway, so its seems silly to pass up the opportunity to have two extra crew members come along, especially as the Atlantic crossing is 3-4 weeks, the idea of having someone else to keep watch whilst you sleep is very comforting."