The so-called 'Cirencester stink' made national headlines this week.

The Bathurst Estate has apologised after treated sewage was spread on fields near the town, and the smell lingered after the wind dropped.

And after the inital story appeared on the Standard website on Tuesday morning it then made the Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Sun and The Times.

Dozens of comments have appeared on our story online and on social media, as residents argued about whether or not the smell was to be expected and if those living in the countryside had any right to complain.

Here are some of our favourite responses:

Basil Parsley: "Absolutely disgusting stench, and on one of the hottest days of the year. All windows and doors had to be closed yet the smell lingered inside. There's muck spreading which us locals are used to, but that was unacceptable."

Have you thought...: "Great recycling, despite the smell.... Why do the farmers have to buy it if the water companies are looking to dispose of it anyway? Fantastic that less artificial fertilisers need to be made."

Steve Connolly: "I have lived near Cirencester for 25+ years and I have never smelt anything like it. I don't follow the Bathurst on social media, so they next time they do this, could they have the consideration to post something on the Standard website as well?"

Roly Hughes: "I take it a lot of the people who complained have never lived by a working farm. "Where I live like many others in Chesterton were used to this some years ago when Chesterton farm was a good working farm, and you had fields on your back door, no complaints back then, you just got on with life and got used to the smell."

Gemma Bray: "It didn’t smell like normal farm smells - that’s fine. It smells like dirty toilets - stale urine . Maybe the hot weather accentuated it’s fragrance yesterday if it’s been happening for years."

Sue Hill: "I live in the sticks surrounded by fields and it was very aromatic yesterday! Country living summed up this time of year, it stinks.

"I bet those complaining go to festivals and use portaloos without a problem."