After a Channel 4 documentary saw police bring a sex trafficker to justice in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Constabulary have advised how to spot the signs of modern slavery.

Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers was the first time a dedicated police unit allowed cameras to film its secret investigation into a human trafficking gang, which was moving vulnerable women from Brazil to work in a Cheltenham brothel.

The three-part series demonstrated modern slavery can be hidden in plain sight, so Gloucestershire Police have promoted the expertise of the Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline and Resource Centre.

The Centre reports there are six main indicators of modern day slavery that can be spotted by anyone.

Physical appearance: Signs of physical or psychological abuse; looking malnourished or unkempt; anxious or agitated; appearing withdrawn and neglected; and they may have untreated injuries.

Isolation: Victims are rarely allowed to travel on their own; seem under the control or influence of others and rarely interact; they may appear unfamiliar with their neighbourhood or where they work.

Poor Living Conditions: Dirty, cramped or overcrowded accommodation; living and working at the same address.

Restricted freedom of movement: They may not have any ID, often retained by others; few personal possessions; and they may always wear the same clothes.

Unusual travel times: They are dropped off and collected for work on a regular basis either very early or late at night; children being dropped off and picked up in private cars or taxis at unusual times and in unusual places.

Reluctant to seek help: Avoiding eye contact; appearing frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers and fear law enforcers for many reasons. This could be due not knowing who to trust, fear of deportation or violence to them or their family.

According to the Centre, victims of sexual exploitation may appear scared, can be closely guarded and transported to and from clients or ‘branded’ with a tattoo.

They may show signs of physical abuse and may have restricted access to their earnings.

Victims could have a limited English vocabulary, restricted to sexualised words, and multiple female foreign nationals may be living at the same address.

The person may sleep in the premise in which they work, which could indicate a brothel is operating, and the property might have male callers day and night who only stay for a short time.

There may be details of sexual activity such as cards and advertisements found nearby.

You can file a report with the Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline and Resource Centre here.