JACKIE Weaver, one of the internet’s biggest viral sensations in 2021, has been working with Cotswold District Council to raise awareness about what local councils do.
The clerk, from Handforth, appeared on the council’s livestream on Tuesday.
The meeting was part of the CDC Live series, a monthly online show, hosted at the Barn Theatre.
At the meeting, Jackie joined a special Q&A, looking at how residents can get involved with their local councils.
Residents were able to put their questions directly to a panel including Jackie and leader of the council, Cllr Joe Harris.
Charming and funny, Jackie stamped her personality on the session.
A resident from Moreton asked: "How can I become a councillor? Politics is a story infilled with old white men, how can younger people get involved?"
In response Jackie joked: "Old white men don't live forever."
She added: "Of course we're not wishing for anything to happen to them!"
And she went on to seriously address the question, noting: "Every four years the whole council steps down, and at that point is an opportunity to test whether your community is ready for some young blood."
Well worth watching via: bit.ly/3oPKYhr, the session is already one of the council's most view live streams.
Jackie became an overnight sensation earlier this year after millions of people were impressed by her calm handling of aggressive councillors on a video call.
One of them, the then chair Brian Tolver, told her: “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver”. 
In response, Jackie booted him, and two more councillors, off the call.
Since then her tagline has become “Jackie Weaver has the authority”.
And she has become so popular that she was invited to open this year’s Brit Awards, Andrew Lloyd Webber composed a song about her, and Joanna Lumley played her in a comedy sketch.
So it was quite a coup for Cotswold District Council that Jackie agreed to take part in Tuesday's livestream meeting.