A 40-YEAR-OLD man who left a trail of destruction in Fairford before assaulting a police officer has been sentenced.

Oliver Tracy, of Crockford Close, Addlestone, Surrey, pleaded guilty to five offences when he appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates Court on May 4.

Magistrates heard how on December 2, last year, Tracey damaged a number of properties in the town. He damaged three windows to the combined value of £196.

Tracy then damaged a vehicle parked in Fairford. It is not known what the cost of the damage to the vehicle amounted to.

On the same day, Tracy assaulted a police officer by beating him.

Tracy was ordered to pay £208.11 in compensation to the victims of the damaged windows and £100 to the assault victim.

He was also ordered to participate in an accredited programme for 30 days and have treatment for alcohol dependency for six months.