A group of travellers that pitched up at Cirencester Rugby Club over the weekend have now departed.

Approximately 23 caravans arrived at the club at 7pm on Saturday evening.

A Cotswold District Council spokesperson, said at the time: “Cirencester Rugby Club is on private land and therefore the landowners are responsible for taking appropriate action in this case.

“We are in regular communication with representatives of the rugby club and are offering advice to them where this is required.”

Cirencester Rugby Club have confirmed that the travellers have now left.

More than 30 volunteers took part in a clean up last night to rid of waste left behind.

Robert Weaver, chief executive of Cotswold District Council, said: “I would like to thank all of the volunteers from Cirencester Rugby Club, together with members of the club committee for their efforts in clearing away the waste left at the rugby pitch.

“They have done a great job cleaning the area and Ubico and contractors Gooch Group, will be collecting the waste when the litter picking is completed and removing the human waste that has unfortunately occurred on the site as part of the occupation by the travellers.”