Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quizzed today on whether he would look at data rather than dates when reviewing lockdown restrictions for Gloucestershire.

The PM was asked if Gloucestershire’s continually low case rates and having stayed steadily ahead of the country in delivering the vaccine roll out, could mean the county could be able have restrictions eased sooner that planned.

“I understand people’s impatience, and I know some people want to move faster, but we are doing everything we can to fight the pandemic." Mr Johnson said.

"We have had a very effective lockdown and with the vaccination programme the disease has been driven down.”

But he warned there will be another surge of the disease: “People should not be under any illusion, as I said last week, that this is being driven solely by the vaccination programme and we cannot afford to be complacent, we have to recognise there will be another surge of this disease eventually”.

When asked if he think masks will remain mandatory if all restrictions are lifted on June 21 he said: “We are looking at all of the social distance measures we have in place and we will be making further announcements in due course.

“It will depend on the data, we will have to do what is sensible. We want to get back to life as close as possible.”