Tetbury community news with Kevin Painter

HERE is an official update from Tetbury Town Council.

Following the full council EGM on March 18, on the proposal of “For Tetbury Town Council to vote that the SIAC S106 funding is acceptable and compliant in relation to the application made by the Dolphins Recreation Centre dated July 2020” this was counter proposed as worded with the inclusion of a signed mutually agreed agreement.

Following the full council meeting of March 22 the following was sent to the chair and project chair of the DRC and publicly placed on Facebook

“Following the full council last night, I am pleased to inform you that the town council have requested that the mayor and I have a meeting with our solicitor later today (I am currently awaiting a time when he is available) to amend the initial agreement written by our solicitor for the mutual agreement to be in relation to project 1.

"Further to that discussion with the solicitor acting on behalf of the town council, and a meeting of representatives of both organisations, further email advice was sought and moving on from that an EGM of full council has been called by the mayor.

"This has been called to enable a final decision to be agreed.”

Tara TTC CEO who is the responsible officer stated: "I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge receipt of all emails following the Dolphins Recreation Centre social media post.

"I will be responding to these personally and will reply to all emails by the end of next week.

"I would like to advise that following updated legal advice the town council will be holding an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, April 6, starting at 7pm, if you would like to join the meeting please email ceo@tetbury.gov.uk.’’

FURTHER news from the town council following the full council meeting of March 22 an item of correspondence was received by the mayor late in the afternoon and was read out, informing the town council that from that date the town council had been reinstated as the Custodian Trustees of the Dolphins Recreation Centre.

This means that Tetbury Town Council will retain the land registration documents held in trust for the people of Tetbury.

The Charity Commission acknowledged that they had not followed procedure in the removal of the Town Council in August last year.

This was a challenge put forward by the mayor and has not resulted in any legal costs to the council on this item.

MANY residents have been talking and are concerned about the planning application in relation to the Tesco filling station.

Therefore if you would like to view the plans and applications then please visit the Cotswold District Council planning portal on their website cotswold.gov.uk.

The relevant reference points are 21/00549/FUL.

It is for permission to develop the Northfield garage site demolishing the Tesco filling station and other existing buildings to construct 45 dwellings with associated garages/ parking.

Planning application for comments closes on April 8.

And here is the reference for the new filling station application 21/00312/FUL.

WELL done and thanks to Andrew from Vinotopia who wanted to do a litter pick who approached Natalia at the town council offices and she offered to help so last Sunday morning having only covered a small area around the good shed car park they managed to fill three bags.

Natalia added: "Obviously a lot more help is needed and if you would like to get involved you can do so at your own time and convenience.

"Litter picking equipment is available at the council office and available during our opening hours 9.30am-3pm, by ringing 01666 504670.

"There are a lot of people that do litter picking and we need to support and thank everyone, not just us that put in on Facebook, so a big huge thank you to all but lets encourage even more to join in, maybe a social distanced walk could be combined with a litter pick?”

THERE is a town council initiative on April 10 to clean the rail lands stream if any one would like to help please contact reception.

Tara Tetbury Town Council CEO said: “We have agreed to set up a volunteer cleaning operation in particular the Goods Shed stream from Preston Park due to the amount of bottles and household waste.

"If you would like to get involved contact TTC office 01666 504670.”