FOLLOWING on from the Standard story dated March 20, 'plan to build a railway line between Kemble and Cirencester', secret plans have been forwarded to this investigative journalist revealing that the mayor of Tetbury is in secret negotiations with railway company to open a line between Tetbury and Kemble.

The company, the North Western Railway is controlled by Sir Topham Hatt who has been the subject of many short documentaries.

What is even more concerning is apparently the funding is coming from the chaotic Bank of Antandec.

We managed to track down the mayor of Tetbury who had reportedly gone to ground however when confronted she quipped "gone to ground, I’ve gone to Tesco’s!"

She added it is indeed appropriate that this story has broken today being April 1 and she concluded by saying Gotcha.

I would like to thank Ann and of course the many readers, we thought perhaps a little bit of fun would be appropriate and hopefully appreciated. Thank you.