The widest mouth measures 17cm and belongs to Francisco Domingo Joaquim "Chiquinho" from Angola.

I think this is the sort of width you would need to fit a bite of the Seven Tuns burger.

When these reviews began I was given the brief to look specifically at takeaway Sunday lunches and covered a few in the area.

But while on my travels, Covid rules permitting, I noticed how many other restaurants, cafes and pubs were offering up great alternatives and takeaways during the week.

One of which being the Seven Tuns in Chedworth, who have been doing a Friday night Drive Thru.

Tucked away, this little countryside boozer has developed quite a foodie reputation in the area so to try their version of fast food was one to get genuinely excited about.

The week I visited the theme was Burgers and Wings, I had found this out on the Monday so had a whole week to picture and salivate over the idea of a 10oz beef burger, cheddar, topped with short rib chilli and homemade ketchup with a helping of fries.

I had tried the Seven Tuns wings before, when we were allowed into the pub and wondered if they would still be a delight having travelled back to my home, it occupied my thoughts, quite a lot in fact.

Many must have noticed my glazed expression on Zoom or lack of attention span when typing up copy with every ‘b’ word subconsciously becoming ‘burger’.

Sleeping was only achieved by counting chicken wings jump over fences as the seconds ticked by before our visit to the Tuns.

I was somehow second in the queue upon arrival, and I was early.

Perhaps the gentleman had suffered worse night’s sleep than myself, maybe he too had pictured himself, naked, smothered in the homemade deliciously sweet, tasty ketchup, and only he was allowed to lick it if off.

Probably not, this is an affliction I believe only I suffer, apologies.

Swift and promptly I collected six chilli wings for £5 and burger, with the short rib chilli and fries for £12.

It wasn’t a particularly pleasant evening weather wise with the odd shower of rain but I had to drive back with the window open just to stop the smell of my takeaway bringing on an urge to tear into the burger.

Finally home it was time to get stuck in and this was worth the wait.

I would have made Francisco Domingo Joaquim a proud man, even if I did feel like I injured myself with that first bite of the burger.

The chilli gave it great moisture while providing extra taste and flavour.

The wings were also spicy but with a tang that made every bite a pleasure.

Looking at their social media I see that they have done a pheasant night and a fish and chips evening with some great vegetarian options on every menu.

Well worth a visit and do try the ketchup in the regular manner intended.