Tetbury community news by Kevin Painter

ON Monday, Cotswold District Council deputy leader Mike Evemy was invited to the heritage and regeneration committee to discuss the council’s plans to remove the ability to pay by cash at council car parking machines.

Obviously the concerns are that not everyone would be able to use the new system and that this would be brought into place when the town and its businesses will be trying to regenerate and entice people back shopping.

We asked Mr Emery to look at some figures and disappointingly for some, this is what the reply was: “The percentage paying by card has grown significantly since the pandemic at The Chippings and Church Street whilst at West Street, phone payments have now overtaken cash.

“I will continue to monitor these and figures from other car parks across the district as we progress through the year.

“Our plan is for West Street to go cashless in August and for the other two Tetbury car parks in the final tranche scheduled for October.”

As Cllr Lea said when we received this reply ‘I noticed that card payments increased during lockdown, is this because older people observed the lockdown rules?’

ONE step closer to normality with some fantastic news.

Kingsley House Care Home will be accepting “hand-held” visits commencing on Tuesday.

The said visit will be in the conservatory and it will still be per appointment only.

In addition the visiting pod will still be used (two consistent visitors excluding the hand-held visitor).

The visiting space (conservatory) will be used by only one resident and one designated visitor at a time, and is subject to regular enhanced cleaning between each visit.

Please decide amongst the whole family who will be the designated “hand-held” visitor and two visiting pod visitors.

Each visit will be at a maximum of 40 minutes. Three visits per day (10:30am, 1:30pm, 3pm).

Door visits, window visits, pod visits and virtual visits are still encouraged.

The “ hand-held” visitor should be limited to a single constant visitor wherever possible and it has to be registered.

In addition to this, the pod visit will have a maximum of two constant visitors per resident.

Designated “hand-held” visitors can not hug or touch their loved ones but can only hold their hands.

As hard as this may be, we aren’t ready just yet but we are on our way to normality.

Visitors can bring non-perishable gifts. These gifts will be isolated for 72 hours.

To avoid upset, you can give the gifts to the team before visiting if you wish.

This may prevent any upset for those living with dementia who may not be able to understand the situation fully.

This is only part of the strict protocol in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

Xam, the care home manager added: “On behalf of the whole team at Kingsley House, I thank you all for all your support and understanding regarding our visiting rules.”

THE first meeting of the Christmas working group took place last week.

This is a new working group set under the heritage and regeneration committee to hopefully plan a really extraordinary special Christmas.

The enthusiasm at this first meeting could’ve powered the entire town as members of the public, businesses and council all put their ideas forward.

Tara, the town council CEO said: “A working group has been set up for the Christmas celebrations a date to be confirmed.

“We are looking at two scenarios, one where we are unfortunately back in lockdown and we are hoping for residents and businesses to light up the town and residential streets.

“The other scenario is where we have all been vaccinated and are allowed to celebrate in style.

“We had our first meeting last week with many brilliant ideas being discussed and Vicki and Natalia will be leading the group.

“If you would like to join the group or can assist on the night, please contact victoriabolwell@tetbury.gov.uk or call Vicki or Natalia on 01666 504670.

AT the Tetbury Town full council extraordinary meeting convened on February 4, it was approved that the Steepleton S106 monies be forwarded to the Dolphins Recreation Centre (DRC) as the S106 monies state it is for the Dolphins Hall contribution and has no stipulations as to where the money must be spent.

This is subject to an audit trail for the sum of £9,750.

There was then a further vote to approve the disclosure of the legal advice from Wellers Law Group regarding the distribution of the S106 monies based on the agreement provided to the DRC which was agreed unanimously.

In the interest of transparency, the CEO emailed a copy of the legal advice to the chair and project chair of the DRC.

The legal agreement which was written by the town council solicitor was sent to Cotswold District Council before forwarding to the DRC.

The council are fully supportive of the whole project.

Due to concerns on whether the whole project will be completed if all S106 monies was allocated to project the solicitor has confirmed that if there is evidence that funding is being allocated for Project 2 then all S106 monies can be allocated for Project 1.

Clarification on whether all trustees of the DRC need to sign the legal agreement as they are named at the beginning of the agreement is to be sought.

This is due to concerns on whether the whole project will be completed if all S106 monies was allocated to project 1.

The solicitor has confirmed that if there is evidence that funding is being allocated for Project 2 then all S106 monies can be allocated for Project 1.

It was also suggested that a joint working group should be set up to provide funding to ensure the whole project can be achieved without further delay.

As this is the DRC project then it is down to the DRC to provide names on the councillors who they wish to be involved in the working group.

This has already been done and we are awaiting the first report from the joint meetings.

A resident asked how much the legal advice and agreement has cost the council. It was advised before the agreement the legal costs were £750.

TETBURY mayor Ann Pearce met up with Steve Fagg, the manager of Tesco’s to start the Easter hampers donation project.

Even though this is following on on from the very popular Christmas dinners that were delivered at Christmas by councillors and council office staff, the difference being is this will be a donation of food, and even possibly an Easter egg?

The idea is to brighten the moods of a few people who are facing social isolation, as the Christmas meal brightened a few peoples day.

This is yet again is another act of kindness, thanks to the generosity of the local Tesco store.

Manager Steve Fagg said he is delighted to assist the community as he feels this is very much a community store with amazing and dedicated staff and lovely customers.

Mayor Ann Pearce said: “This is such a generous offer and I wish you could all see and share the delight that we experienced when the team delivered the Christmas meals.’’

And it’s not too late, if you know of someone who is facing social isolation please contact Ann Pearce by email annpearce@tetbury.gov.uk or by calling the council office on 01666 504670.

Please remember that there are a limited number that can be donated.

St Mary’s Primary School and PTFA would like to thank everyone for supporting its Tetbury Love Trail.

There were 65 amazing and unique love themed window displays to enjoy on daily walks and with much generosity they have raised £405 to benefit the children at St Mary’s.

And they hoped the trail brightened everyone’s day, which it certainly did.

On behalf of the St Mary’s PTFA, they would like to say thank you.