COMMENTS have poured in after controversial plans for a truck stop on the outskirts of Cirencester were released.

Zesta Planning, a town planning and development consultancy based in Gloucestershire, is proposing to build the facility on land at Ermin Way Farm off Gloucester Road, Stratton.

The proposed truck stop will provide 75 HGV parking spaces.

The site is said to be a suitable location to provide a truck stop given its proximity to the A417 and its links to the M5 and M4.

However, concerns have been raised about increased traffic and pollution.

Here are some of the comments you've raised:

Caron Brooks said:"Awful place to put it but facilities are needed. It would be better on land just off the road like they do in a France. A big truck stop like this is not going to do any favours for Stratton and surrounding and it is a bit of a lazy scheme. Too many trucks and far too much concrete in an area that floods. We need more green and trees to avoid the floods not less."

Mark Boulton said: "Brilliant! Why not? We had a truck stop for decades near Watermoor and it has been missed ever since."

Ella Cservenka said: "I don’t understand how it will really affect Daglingworth. Lorries wouldn’t be able to get down the lane and turn in either direction. It would be considerably easier just to get back on the main dual carriageway and carry on with their journeys."

Vi Parker said: "I don't think it will impact on the Overhill Road side of Stratton. Lorries will come off at the junction and then get back on to the dual carriageway."

Maggie Macrae said: "Concreting greenbelt farmland should not be allowed. It will impact Stratton and Baunton with noise and light pollution."

Brona Langton said: "Awful location in my opinion. My fear is that if this goes ahead, despite being in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), it sets a precedent to infill with development up to Stratton. Lorries need facilities but this is not a great location."

Ross Parker said: "Why will it become a rat run when from Grove Lane to Stratton church is a 7.5 tonne weight limit, lorries will just pull in off the A419."

All about me said: "Have you always lived in Cirencester? If so you would remember we had a truck stop at Watermoor. It has now gone and is sadly missed, but why can't there be a truck stop there? Is it because it's in your back yard? Please remember that employment and business is key. I'm thinking there would be a cafe and maybe shops for the truckers. At the end of the day, Cirencester is dying so really is this such a evil thing to have?"

pixie60 said: "Usually truck stops are adjacent or on the main route they serve. Drivers carry supplies in their vehicles all they want is usual facilities and parking to take their rest. Nothing to do with anyone's backyard, its just convenient to enable them to complete their deliveries within a set time frame."

Ciren Rover said: "Let's get this right the proposal would bring 40 ton trucks off the A417 down roads that are always congested at the best of times, with a turning into the truck stop just as traffic is turning left? This is what you call a real recipe for congestion disaster. This field is a flood plane for the river churn well this will really turn this into a total disaster development. Or is it a ploy to yet again build on a flood plain the usual planning department disasters?"

James Harrison said: "The current land acts as a natural flood barrier for water that would otherwise travel into Cirencester. Replacing it with a non-permeable surface would add to rainfall run off that would enter the town. Can you assure us this development wouldn't cause added problems in the centre of town? Also, the top of Gloucester Road next to the roundabout by the A417 already floods in heavy rain which causes vehicles to go into the middle of the road so what would happen if a lorry swerves to avoid the water?

"Gloucester Road is within the Cotswolds lorry management zone so, at present, no vehicle over 7.5T can actually access the truck stop. If this is changed then what is stopping lorries coming off at Burford Road and heading to the truck stop from that route?

"I don't think people have an issue with offering a truck stop as there is a lot of sympathy for drivers but this location is unsuitable on a number of fronts (heightened flood risk, breach of Local Policy EN5 within the adopted local plan, loss of wildlife, minimal commercial value to the town). As mentioned, the Honda plant or including it within the missing link development seem much better options than concreting over an area of outstanding natural beauty.

roger.godberd.1276 said: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure HGVs were banned from using Gloucester road when they built the bypass ? They still sneak down there at night, but a lorry park is nuts."

number10 said: "Cirencester needs a truck stop, look at the 24 hour garage its always full, Love Lane has a scattering of trucks as well. But this is a clear go at building houses because it'll be a nice compromise. Look how many crept up on everyone when Bathurst was going for 2300 homes."

CotswoldC25 said: "Why does Cirencester need a truck stop? Remind me, are we not a Cotswold Market Town in AONB, not a city of distribution companies and warehouses?

"If you make more spaces available for HGV's, transport companies will target them and route vehicles via Cirencester even more than now. Take away the spaces where HGV's should not be parking with better enforcement (yellow lines) and they will plan different routes when current facilities are full. Resolve the route of the problem (i.e. companies routing) don't keep adding to it, it will just get worse."

rcotswold said: "Suggest an area around the A419 around Swindon; much large areas of "ex-commercial industry" going spare there! This plan is nonsensical."