Tetbury news with Kevin Painter

THE Tetbury Lions have planned their next event for June 2021.

So If you enjoyed the bidding fun of their last auction, you will love the next online Duck Race Sweepstake.

Join the group now and prepare for seven days of fun!

For more information please visit bit.ly/3u43KUs.

FROM today, Tetbury have only one chemist as Cohens the Chemist fully transfers to its new permanent home at the former Lloyds chemist shop at 37 Long Street, where you will now be able to pick up your prescriptions.

Please remember that you will no longer be able to park at the surgery and gain access to the chemist.

If you would like further information about the chemist, call 01666502314, visit www.cohenschemist.co.uk or email branch.710@mycohens.net.

Even though the chemist is moving, the dispensary which is part of the surgery is staying in the same location.

Due to the current situation, hey are still working through the window and allowing no one inside, so for all your dispensary needs it will be the same location at the back of the surgery.

However for all your prescriptions and chemist needs, it will be in the new location of 37 Long Street.

EVEN though the doors may be closed to the public due to the crisis, the creativity and entertainment is still carrying on at the Tetbury Goods Shed with it’s free entertaining streaming sessions, open to everyone.

So please become a member of this group (it’s free!) and enjoy Shed Sessions every Wednesday evening at 8.30 pm during lockdown.

This is a group where The Tetbury Goods Shed will stream performances on Wednesday evenings at 8.30 pm, during the second and third lockdown of 2020/2021.

They can’t wait to open their doors again but in the meantime, do come and get your “Culture Fix”in the free group on Wednesday evenings.

The sessions are fantastic and diverse and have included sessions from past favourites such as Jazz saxophonist James Morton and his band Pork Chop,The Spitfire Sisters.

To find out more please visit. Shed Sessions | Facebook.