Fairford news with Chris Roberts

DUE to the resignation of John Morgan, a vacancy has arisen for a councillor for Fairford Town Council.

The vacancy will be filled by election if a request from 10 local government electors for the town is received within 14 days of the date of this notice.

The request must be received by February 26, 2021.

Requests should include each elector’s name and address and should be sent to the Returning Officer at the Council Offices, Trinity Road, Cirencester GL7 1PX or by email to elections@cotswold.gov.uk.

If a request by 10 electors is not received by the date given, the town council may fill the vacancy by co-option.

If an election is called, the Coronavirus Act 2020 regulations state that the by-election will not take place, and the vacancy will be held open.

The 2020 regulations provide for the by-election to take place on Thursday, May 6.

EMBRACE is a group for people who have experienced a big range of family planning difficulties including infertility, miscarriage, traumatic birth, stillbirth and neo-natal death, among others.

We meet to offer each other friendship and support as we discuss our experiences and seek to live well in the light of them.

We can also offer practical support to those experiencing these difficulties now.

Our next meetings will be a virtual one on Zoom with the next one on Friday, February 26.

It’s a really welcoming and informal group.

If anyone has any interest in coming along or getting involved, we’d love to hear from them and give them any more information they need: embracefairford@gmail.com.

THE Ripples Community Magazine that covered Fairford, Lechlade and surrounding villages has produced its last issue.

The February issue of the popular magazine was the last magazine to be produced and was an online version due to the Covid-19 regulations.

The magazine that was started in November 2009 by Adrian Young and Graham Fry of Highworth became a firm favourite in both communities with the Fairford news being written by Chris Roberts and the Lechlade news being written by Margaret Hing, both of whom wrote for the magazine from the very beginning.

Adrian and Graham, who are both musicians, said: “This is the moment when, with tears in our eyes, we kiss goodbye to our baby. We have put together our farewell swansong for our readers to enjoy.”

Visit this link to hear their song: bit.ly/3dj9kMz.

THERE is a new website made to make life easier for families.

A one-stop website for everything ‘kids’ in Fairford.

If you would like your children’s event, group or class featured on the website, please complete the online form at: www.fairfordkids.co.uk or get in touch with Lizzie: lizzie@fairfordkids.co.uk.

THE process for requesting a driver for transport to and from appointments has changed.

Bookings should now be done directly through Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Communities.

You will no longer need to request a driver through either Hilary Cottage Surgery or Lechlade Medical Centre receptionists.

If you require transport to and from your hospital/doctor/dental appointments, please contact Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Communities directly via voluntarycarservicelof@gmail.com or phone between 10am-1pm Monday-Friday on 07540 798226.

If the line is busy, you will be able to leave a message and a member of the patient team will call you back.