The Yorkshire Pudding was the size of my head.

Not the usual way to start a review of a Sunday pub lunch but I think it important to get this giant feat of cooking out of the way early – the Yorkshire Pudding was the size of my head.

As you will be aware we are trawling the regions takeaway Sunday lunch options and this week was the turn of The Tavern Inn, Kemble.

The vast options were slow roasted lamb shoulder, topside of beef, leg of pork, chicken breast or a baked broccoli cheese all at £10 each.

You can add Pigs in Blanket for £2.50 per person, there were not going to be any crackers on our table and no Christmas fun but we added this festive treat to our order without making an oink or taking a breath when offered.

A lamb and a beef were our orders and we were not disappointed with the portions, even the gravy cup was overfilling with deliciousness.

It was as close to a home cooked Sunday roast as I think we will find on our travels, the kind a parent or grandparent would cook, and one that liked you.

You know the ones that always offer you more than you are physically able to contain but because it is Sunday you scoff it all anyway only to lie on the sofa later, contently dozing while the meat sweats take a hold. Ok, could be just me that bit.

Anyway, I digress; and feel at this point I should make a confession that not all of the pigs in blanket got back to the table and my partner.

The smell taking over the car meant one had to be devoured there and then.

We both enjoyed the Tavern’s Sunday offerings and will rebook, well, once we have tried some more of the great takeaway Sundays out there.

There is one thing I believe forgot to mention, the Yorkshire Pudding was as big as my head.