A CIRENCESTER family had a lucky escape on Sunday after an unattended electrical heater set fire to a pair of curtains.

The fire happened at a home in Grange Court in Stratton on Sunday evening.

Two crews from Cirencester attended the incident, arriving at 5.20pm and leaving at 5.46pm.

The fire was out on arrival but crews made sure it was completely out and safe using a thermal image camera.

The fire service issued a warning following the blaze.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service posted a photo on Twitter showing the aftermath of the fire, which happened at Grange Court in Stratton on Sunday, February 14.

Mark Astle, head of community safety at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We would urge everyone to ensure they not only have smoke alarms installed, but also check them regularly to make sure they’re working. On this occasion the family had a lucky escape as someone smelled the smoke, but if you’re asleep and fire breaks out in your home the effects could be devastating.

“Remember smoke alarms can save your life but only if they’re working, so please carry out regular checks and do not leave electric heaters unattended.”