A Boeing 727 plane which is set to be moved from Kemble to Bristol by road is all loaded up and ready to go.

The jet will be transported from the Cotswold Airport via the M5, M4 and M32 to Brislington on February 27.

The decommissioned aircraft is owned by entrepreneur and property investor Johnny Palmer, who is planning to use the 727 as an office and events space for his media company Pytch.

The transport of the aircraft, which Mr Palmer has named 'PYTCHAir', will involve a police escort and road disruption.

Once in situ, the plane will become the centrepiece of the company’s business estate on Bonville Road, while its fuselage will become a piece of artwork.

Mr Palmer said: "Rather than fly, it will be creeping along the M5, M4 and M32 at around 20mph.

"There will likely be traffic disruptions, with the police escort helping it take two lanes of the motorway."

He added: "The way it has been strapped to the trailer is essential, as a rolling fuselage on the road could be lethal.

"Once in Bristol it will be the centrepiece of the hub of our tech empire."

After arriving at Pytch HQ on Bonville Road, on Saturday, February 27, a crane will get the jet into position at 10am on Sunday, February 28.

The Boeing 727 airliner is similar in size to a 737, as flown by Ryanair, or an Airbus A320, as flown by Easyjet.