Concerns are rising for five collie cross puppies that were stolen from a farm in Stow-on-Wold last night.

The four-week-old collie - kelpie cross puppies were all taken from their mother on Friday and are now in significant danger without her.

Georgia Weaver who lives on the Fram on Evesham Road said: "The thieves in question drove in from the main road through a gate that is never in use, through the field to the farm buildings, leaving all the gates open, they obviously searched before they found the pups as other doors were open which are kept shut."

There are photos of footprints and tyre tracks left at the site.

The two male puppies are tri-colour, with mostly black faces and bodies, with white paws and bellies, with a bit of brown on eyebrows.

The three female puppies have common collie markings, two with white collar necks and one with less, more of a strip.

Will Bevan, the Shephard that owns the puppies said: "These pups are still suckling from the mother, they need to be back mum for their best chance of survival, they are in significant danger.

"We need them back as soon as possible."

The family heard their other dogs barking around 10pm and wonder if this could have been the time at which the puppies were taken.

If you saw anything suspicious, were in the area or have any idea of the whereabouts of the five puppies please call 101 and quote reference CR/03986/21

Alternatively you can call:

Georgia Weaver on 07769644803

Simon Weaver on 07860793479

Will Bevan on 07876745549