Over the summer Stratton Youth Football Club will be holding the first ever ‘Stratton Superstars’.

The Superstars is a series of events that will raise funds for Cirencester based charities, including the football club, Stratton Playgroup, Stratton School, Cirencester Housing for Young People (CHYP) as well as local food banks and other grassroots sports teams. The activities are scheduled as follows:

•April: Marathon – Aim to achieve 26.2 miles over the course of the month

•May: Cycling – Cycle 200km

•June 5th: Zumba with Meryl Miller

•July 3rd: Fitness Boot Camp with Your Fitness Community

•September 4th: Running up to 26.2 miles

After the final event, a charity ball is taking place where participants will re-live some of the highlights of the Superstars, trying to raise as much as possible in the last few hours of the event.

All the main events will be held in Cirencester but, with the exception of the ball, people can participate wherever they choose.

Both the June and July activities will be streamed online.

Jon Cummins, chair of Stratton Youth, said: The club has a longstanding tradition of supporting the local community. The Superstars will ensure both the youngsters and adults involved with the club help a number of important, local organisations.”

To sign up or donate go to strattonsuperstars.co.uk.