I would like to congratulate all the team involved in the vaccination programme being implemented in the Cirencester area.

I am a 77-year-old with secondary breast cancer and was contacted by my surgery on Monday and offered an appointment on Wednesday (by the Park Surgery) which I was delighted to accept.

The whole operation was smooth and seamless - the friendly volunteers directing cars to the car park, then to the waiting line where we had our details taken and were ushered to a chair where a nurse again checked our details and painlessly administered the vaccine and advice on aftercare, followed by a seated 15 minute recovery .

The entire procedure was turned around calmly by very helpful volunteers and pleasant medical staff, with no waiting or delays; dealing so smoothly with a patient every four minutes was an incredible achievement.

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in what must have been a major organisational task, from inception to implementation.

Especially to the wonderful volunteers (some outside in the inclement weather ), and I know I speak for everyone in saying a heartfelt thank you to the NHS staff for their dedicated and wonderful care.

Marian Maclean

South Cerney