WILTSHIRE Police's chief constable urged people to follow lockdown rules and not become complacent as the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues.

Kier Pritchard filmed a message reminding people to keep to the guidelines and warned that police would not hesitate to crack down on anyone deliberately breaking the rules.

During the latest lockdown, officers gave 130 warnings and issued 25 fixed penalty notices to people who were breaking the coronavirus regulations, but saw good behaviour on the whole.

Mr Pritchard said: “A huge thank-you to the majority of our public who showed restraint and compliance to the changes to rules and regulations over many months, especially over the Christmas and new year period where we would normally enjoy time with friends and family.

“While we had to deal with some breaches, they were very much in the minority.

"As we go forward, we have light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine program, which is excellent news for us all, but we must continue to show restraint and should not at all become complacent to the requirement to protect ourselves and protect our loved ones.

“We will continue to police against the four Es – we will continue to Engage with people when they are outside their home, we will Encourage people to follow the rules and Explain why that is so important. But let me be clear, when we find people who are deliberately flouting and breaching the rules, we will more rapidly move to Enforcement.

“I think that’s what you are asking of us and know from conversations with colleagues and many members of the public… to ensure we can play our part in reducing the spread of the virus.

“I hope you will support the decisions I’ve made. We have seen continual good compliance since the beginning of the new lockdown.

“Take personal responsibility. I know this period has been hugely difficult for many. We need to show perseverance and compliance through all of this.

“I know the last few months have been tough and I hope we can see a more positive future with the vaccine centres… and it’s great to see that millions have already been through the vaccination process.

“Please do everything you can to remain within the rules, do not try to push the boundaries, do not try to bend the rules.

"If we find people deliberately flouting regulations, we will have no hesitation to step into enforcement. Stay safe, look after yourselves.”

Mr Pritchard suggested that people visit the gov.uk to remind themselves of the lockdown rules and exemptions.