HERE is a round-up of the planning applications put forward in the Cotswold District this week.

All of the applications can be viewed via the planning section of Cotswold District Council’s website.

Erection of domestic annex to provide accessible bedrooms for disabled guests, new wall and gates, use of existing outbuilding as gym and treatment room facilitated by rebuilt rear outrigger. At White House, Stow Road, Sezincote, Moreton-In-Marsh.

Ref. No: 20/04392/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision

Sale of additional goods at The Village Stores, Arlington, Bibury, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 20/04492/CLEUD

Status: Awaiting decision

Pollard lime tree. At 1 Top Cottages, Broadway Road, Willersey, Broadway.

Ref. No: 21/00169/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Fell a conifer at gate, and cut back cherry tree. At Apple Trees, Back Lane, Upper Oddington, Moreton-In-Marsh.

Ref. No: 21/00149/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Cut back Scotts pine. At Lobs Cottage, Main Street, Adlestrop, Moreton-In-Marsh.

Ref. No: 21/00148/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Remove Leyland cypress at The Old Bakery, 11 Ampney Crucis, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 21/00152/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Cut back trees at St Peters Church, Daylesford, Adlestrop.

Ref. No: 21/00154/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Fell cherry and lime tree at Cirencester Friendly Society, 5 Dyer Street, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 21/00153/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Fell five leylandii and one sycamore at Poulton House, Cricklade Street, Poulton, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 21/00114/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Reduce horse chestnut tree, remove elder tree, trim back overhanging ash branches. At 74 Cricklade Street, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 21/00108/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Fell sycamore. At Rotary House, Langet Upper Up, South Cerney, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 21/00122/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Raise the crowns of the lime tree avenue to give 3m clearance underneath, at the Batsford Estate, Batsford, Moreton-In-Marsh.

Ref. No: 21/00109/TCONR

Status: Decided

Yew tree to be felled due to excessive shading and the stump removed. Fir tree hedge - the two end bushes to be removed as the hedge is overly large. At Kingston House, Withington.

Ref. No: 21/00097/TCONR

Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of single storey rear extension. At 23 Queen Street, Cirencester.

Ref. No: 20/04474/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision

Conversion of the existing buildings into a small low impact dwelling. At Hermits Corner, Brimpsfield Common, Climperwell Road, Brimpsfield.

Ref. No: 20/04494/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision