Three Airbus A319s flew from Portugal to Gloucestershire today.

The aeroplanes landed at Cotswold Airport in Kemble this afternoon after taking off from Lisbon.

Earlier spotters had been asked not to travel to the airport in the hope of catching a glimpse of the iconic aircraft.

A post on the Cotswold Airport Facebook page stated: "Please do not infringe lockdown rules. I would suggest driving to the lay-by on the A429 to watch is not an essential journey.

"I am missing my hobbies and flying too, but we are where we are; the better we play by the rules, the quicker this will be over."

The A319s are thought to be going into storage.

Cotswold Airport sees around 30,000 aircraft movements a year. Around one per cent of these involve airliners for either storage, maintenance or recycling.

Work at the airport is currently underway to convert a historic British Airways 747 plane into a permanent exhibit.

Once in place it will form centre stage for a growing collection of privately owned classic jet aircraft on the site.

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