Tetbury news with Kevin Painter

AS the country faces lockdown, it is indeed a very quiet town centre in Tetbury with just a few essential shops staying open, writes Kevin Painter.

So please respect the government guidelines on shopping and please respect the guidelines on making sure yourself and everyone else is safe.

The shops and businesses that are open in the town and its centre are the Co-op, Jesse Smith butchers, Halls bakery, the post office, Coventry Building Society, Hobbs House Bakery, the Tetbury Grocer, the House of Cheese, Hampton stores, Tesco and Tetbury Hardware Store.

And of course some local shops and businesses are still operating even though the premises are closed.

One of the things that makes Tetbury so unique is the fact that the businesses are individual and not part of large chains and offer a personal service, therefore some businesses are continuing to be able to supply their customers admittedly well through a telephone or online service.

Jo from flower shop Sentiments (pictured right), is one of the local businesses who are still offering her services within the guidelines, even though her shop is closed to the public.

So please do check your favourite shops website to see what is available.

Please please respect the government guidelines to ensure all our safety.

YOU are all invited to join in the Sunday worship as St Mary’s Church are still offering virtual church services which are held on Sundays at 10 am.

This is open to everyone of course and perhaps now in this time of isolation this oasis of spiritual unity is needed more than ever.

If you would like to find out more about on line Zoom virtual Sunday Worship, then please contact Diana to be added to the mailing list and for your invitation link: office@tetburychurch.co.uk.

IF you fancy yourself as a bit of a Sleuth or even just want some good old entertainment then the always popular St Mary’s Church murder mystery will be going online this year on Friday, January 29 at 7pm.

And for one performance only, many of your firm familiar local cast return for WHO KILLED THE COPPER? These are always great fun and amazing entertainment.

So if you would like to watch this unique performance, please contact the church by email via office@tetburychurch.co.uk and they will send you a Zoom link to use on the night and some preliminary clues to excite those little grey cells.

And there will be no charge, you’re just invited to make a donation to Tetbury Hospital.

TETBURY Hospital is open as usual so whether it’s an outpatient appointment, an X-ray, an operation, or even if you are unfortunate enough to require the Minor Injuries Unit, they are here serving our community.

They want to make sure your care is not delayed.

So please do not feel that you must cancel your appointment or surgery due to the national lockdown, they are here to treat you.

They want you to come and see them.

By attending your planned appointment and having your operation you are helping the NHS recover faster by minimising the effect of Covid-19 on normal healthcare services.

This will reduce the backlog of patients needing treatment when the UK gets back to normal.

As they do not have the facilities to treat Covid-19 patients, this community hospital is not experiencing the same pressures as other local hospitals.

And of course being a smaller local community hospital they have made sure services are delivered in a safe and secure way.

TETBURY Town Council held its public consultation on its proposed 2021/22 budget last Tuesday, January 12, 2021, virtually via Teams.

The proposed budget can be found on the tetbury.gov.uk website.

The proposed budget can also be viewed when you are taking your daily exercise on our noticeboards outside the town council offices and Visitor Information Centre window.

Following on from the public consultation there will be a finance and scrutiny meeting on Monday, 18, starting at 7pm.

Even though all town council meetings are now held virtually and online, they are still open to members of the public to attend so.

If you would like to make any comments or ask questions on the proposed budget please contact the town council offices on 01666 504670 or email ceo@tetbury.gov.uk.