Down Ampney news with Melanie Fouracre

MANY "thank you's" are due this week:

Marilyn Robson and Sheila Burgess would like to thank all villagers and advertisers who have supported The Down Ampney News over the past 30 years.

Whilst celebrating this milestone for the village magazine, both Sheila and Marilyn feel it is time to retire.

They have both done sterling service - Marilyn as editor and Sheila with responsibility as treasurer and for advertising since the beginning.

Anyone interested in continuing producing The Down Ampney News in whatever form or producing a new village magazine for Down Ampney are welcome to get in touch with Marilyn at:

A RECORD sum was raised by the village raffle held in December - £1,353.

A big thank you to all those who bought tickets from All Saints' Church and Down Ampney School PTA who will share this sum between them.

JANET Singleton would like to thank all those who dropped their used postage stamps off at the village shop for Breast Cancer Research.

Janet posted off 1kg of stamps this year.

Breast Cancer Research receives £20 for every kilo of stamps.

THE British Legion Poppy Appeal 2020 benefited from a total of £219.65 raised via the school and shop.

Chris Blyth, area organiser, really appreciated the village's support and thought it was great that poppy face masks were made by villagers and sold in the village shop to add to the sum raised.

OTHER news:

DOWN Ampney Gardening Club members will be receiving Zoom meeting invitations during week commencing January 18, to be able to attend the gardening club's AGM on Saturday, January 23 at 2pm.

If you are not on the gardening club email distribution list and would like to attend the Zoom meeting, please let Helen Baiillie know -

Nominations for the committee should be emailed to the Secretary by January 22 at the email address above.

CHURCH service list has been amended.

Contrary to the list published in the January edition of The Down Ampney News, the decision has now been taken that there will be one service each Sunday in January and February at 10am, and each of these services will be held at Poulton Church.

Rev'd Canon Swanton and the church wardens have chosen this building because it is the largest where social distancing can be best maintained, it is central to the villages, and the heating works well!

It is absolutely understood and appreciated that some members of the congregation and church family may decide to stay at home on a Sunday at present - we all need to be careful.

There will still be an on-line service each Sunday which can be accessed at: