Boris Johnson has branded people who deny the existence of Covid as 'outrageous'.

The Prime Minister was asked for his message to people who believe the virus isn’t as serious as is portrayed, while on a visit to the new vaccine centre at Ashton Gate stadium in Bristol.

He said: "I think it's very very clear people must stay at home, that's the way to stop the spread of the disease.

"As Chris Whitty said today, a contact with one person sets up a chain of transmissions that’s why the rules are so clear.

"People that deny the existence of Covid or people who stand outside of hospitals saying Covid is a hoax or pretend that hospitals aren’t under massive strain, I think its outrageous.

"People that go round hospitals or talk to healthcare workers know the pressures hospitals are under.

"The reality is unless we work together now, stay at home and protect the NHS, I'm afraid our hospitals will become overwhelmed.

"That’s what we've been fighting for throughout this pandemic. We have to keep it up."

Arrests were made at anti-lockdown protests in Stroud and Bristol earlier this year.

Last month a woman was arrested after allegedly filming inside Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and claiming it was not busy with Covid patients.