Tetbury news with Kevin Painter

TETBURY mayor Ann Pearce said: "After delivering the much appreciated Christmas lunches to our most vulnerable and alone residents on Christmas Day, we received much positive feedback, as a result of this.

“I’m hoping that we can as a council consider that this will be done each year, and that we don’t lose sight of the fact that we have residents who are alone within our community, and that even when Covid has become a thing of the past we can maintain the spirit of community and all we have learned from it.

‘’This will be discussed at the next H&R council meeting.

“On January 11, 2021, please remember all council public meetings are now held virtually and if you want to attend or have any suggestions then please contact the CEO Tara by email ceo@tetbury.gov.uk."

AS Tetbury like the entire country once again enters a full lockdown please remember the shops and businesses allowed to open and carry on working will still be there for you.

Next week I will give you a more in-depth report on opening hours and businesses that can be confirmed, well as much as anything can be confirmed in these uncertain times.

The last time we were hit with lockdown the town coped remarkably well with a variety of shops that were still open to provide essentials and of course the townsfolk who still used the local resources within the government guidelines.

Not that you need reminding of this but please stay safe.

Like so many of the market times in the Cotswolds it will be a return to a more simplistic style of living where you can visit the time for your essentials, supporting your local businesses.

It is also worth while visiting any of your favourite shops websites to see if they are operating a online service.

HERE is an update from Tetbury Town Council.

Due to the Tier restrictions currently in place, a few changes have been made to make all staff safe.

The CEO Tara Niblett will be working in the council office until 2pm each day and then working from home.

Natalia will be in the office 9.30am – 3pm working in her own bubble, although Natalia is working in the office, unless you have specifically requested an appointment please do not visit the offices as you are putting all of us at risk.

The grounds team will be continuing to work within the current guidelines.

The VIC will be closed until further notice.

And all council meetings will be held virtually.

Of course if you wish to attend or have something to bring for attention please contact the council on 01666 504670 or by emailing reception@tetbury.gov.uk, or ceo@tetbury.gov.uk.