A number of homes in Cirencester were flooded on Christmas Day following heavy rain earlier in the week.

It's believed that a small number of homes in the town were affected by the floods.

One family in Dugdale Road spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day bailing flood water out of their house, whilst another house in Coxwell Street suffered flooding in their kitchen.

76 homes were left without power until 5am this morning.

Harry Hares, a restaurant on Gosditch Street, was also affected by the flooding, as they appealed for help on social media to clear flood water.

SSE, Cotswold District Council councillors and the fire and rescue service were all on site last night trying to assist in Dugdale Road.

Cotswold District Council leader Joe Harris called for an emergency conference call, which began at 10am this morning to coordinate a council response.

There are big concerns for the next few days where more rain is expected.

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