Richard House’s accusation (Letters, 2nd Dec), that “the Left have capitulated to the removal of our liberties”, is not only unjustified but also highlights the main weakness in the argument of deniers; whether that be denial of Covid, climate change or any other reality that they don’t wish to face.

Of course we don’t believe everything this incompetent government is telling us but nor do we close our eyes (Trump-like) to the suffering of the sick and bereaved.

Where were the left, Richard asks, when that rally was held?

Well, maybe campaigning about real issues such as the appalling inequality in this country: the reason for the pandemic being so much worse in poor areas.

For the record, I’m no Marxist and not a member of any political party but try, in my small way, to focus attention on the people who struggle just to survive. They don’t have the luxury of joining middle class “intellectuals” on self-indulgent marches.

I know that Richard and others like him are mostly decent people who are genuinely concerned about civil liberties - and don’t deny the danger to our climate and, hopefully, won’t dissuade people from being vaccinated - but it is inconsiderate to ignore the plight of those with families stuck in high-rise blocks without jobs and hope; and the courage of Carers and NHS workers.

So the left may not have been on his rally but it’s possible that some from the far right were as they have been on similar gatherings.

Whilst I’m sure that the good doctor wouldn’t associate with that libertarian shade, such alliances are indicative of the danger of claiming to speak for everyone’s liberty.

There’s the risk of spreading misinformation - as well as the virus.

Peter Gould