In the SNJ of December 2nd Mike Broomhall seems to be in a parallel universe to the rest of us and is apparently unaware of what the government is supposed to do. We have heard many times over recent months from 'Ministers telling us that their first responsibility is to protect the general population in whatever way may be required. In the case of this government of course it is a case of protecting the Tory party before anything else but that's a different issue and quite normal for them.

I don't know how many supermarkets Mike has actually been into but I would say I am in my local one every other day and since we were required to wear face coverings in shops I have only seen one person not wearing one so Mike must be very unlucky. We have been told countless times that being outside and passing people in the street doesn't constitute a risk that justifies mandatory face coverings unless of course they are coughing and sneezing all over you.

This government has shown itself to be completely useless in dealing with this pandemic but I suppose for people who voted for Boris and think he's wonderful it's very difficult to admit it. We were told there was to be a world beating track and trace system introduced months ago but it's never worked. Matt Hancock threw a "protective ring" around the Care Homes so that worked well didn't it but not his fault that all those people have died. The Cheltenham Gold Cup was allowed to go ahead because the Jockey Club has influence in Tory circles. This government has allowed huge staff shortages to continue in the N.H.S so the staff couldn't cope. Some have given their lives in looking after the rest of us. The government did nothing to ensure that those who needed P.P.E got it but kept telling us there was enough. The list of the government failures just goes on and on and when it is pointed out that this country has one of the highest death rates per thousand population in the world ministers say things like countries have different ways of counting deaths. At the start of the pandemic this useless government would tell us how well we were doing compared to such and such a country but when we overtook those countries they didn't want to do comparisons any more.

Lockdown became essential because the government had/has failed. Failed to deal with the pandemic in the way that many other countries have and failed to give us clear guidance as to how we should behave because they think they know better than their medical and scientific advisers. Remember when you vote at the next election.

Howard Price.