More schools across the Cotswolds and Malmesbury have reported cases of Covid-19 this week.

A number of schools and colleges have sent classes home to self-isolate after confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 this week.

In some cases the teachers and other members of staff have also been told to stay home.

Here is a look at the schools which reported cases this week:

Malmesbury School

More than 200 students from Malmesbury School are now working from home.

Parents of Year 11s were issued a letter on Friday instructing them of the new plans.

Three members of staff will also be self-isolating.

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Sapperton Primary School

Sapperton Primary School has announced it has closed following a positive test that 'potentially affects all year groups'.

The school is set to re-open to pupils on Friday, December 11.

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Chipping Campden School

Pupils at Chipping Campden School have been advised to stay at home this morning after a positive case of coronavirus was confirmed.

Year 8 pupils are working from home today whilst the school establish the close contacts of a student who tested positive.

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Malmesbury Primary School

A reception class have been taken out of isolation after a faulty Covid test.

The class had been isolating since Wednesday following a positive test.

Steve Heal, headteacher of Malmesbury CE Primary School, said: "You may have seen in the news on Friday that a batch of around 1,300 Covid tests had been conducted using faulty chemicals.

"These tests included the one taken by the person who had contact with Mrs Driver's class.

"That person has now taken another test and the result has come back as negative. So it turns out this was a false alarm.

"I have taken advice from Public Health, who say that all of the children can now come out of isolation and return to school."