Wind power does and will make a valuable contribution to UK electricity generation. One must however, apply some caution to the true extent of its contribution with reference to recent announcements. The total electricity generated in 2019 was around 300TWh. Of that some 64TWh were obtained from the currently installed wind power of 24GW. This adds up to 21% of the total demand. Boris Johnson is proposing to quadruple offshore wind to give a total wind output of 54GW in terms of theoretical power ratings. That would increase wind generation to 48% of the current total demand. If in parallel we all convert to electric vehicles, electrify the railways and de-carbonise heavy industry and for the sake of argument thereby double total electricity demand, the wind contribution would be reduced to 24% of the total.

So we would still be left with the need for other major, proven non carbon sources of electricity.

Roger Newman, Cam