CHILDREN of Lea and Garsdon Primary School met Olympic legend Eddie the Eagle for an inspiring conversation.

Eddie was scheduled to visit Malmesbury for the annual pig chase and summer fair, but covid restrictions meant the event couldn’t continue.

Usually the event brings the community together for some fun and raises much needed funding for the school.

Unwilling to let the opportunity pass, the school asked whether he would be willing to let the children interview him.

Rachael Fairbairn, chair of the Parent Teacher Association, said: “Eddie taught the children really important lessons, explaining that although he was still scared when he jumped, he learnt to use that fear to help him focus and perform his best.

“He also taught us about the value of resilience and using set backs to learn and bounce back.

“His smile and enthusiasm for life shone out of the screen and we are sure it lifted the pupils at a tricky time.

Explaining how the children felt about the opportunity, Rachael added: “They were really excited that somebody as amazing as Eddie the Eagle would take the time to chat to them.

“They asked him how it felt to be a movie star now and he said he felt really honoured by it and was amazed that Taron Egerton managed to look just like him.

“Eddie told us that his Olympic ambition started when he was a child and he loves to encourage children to chase their dreams.

“After the recording they discussed his resilience and he said he had been invited to take part in a study on resilience.”

The results were ‘off the scale’, so much so, they want him to come back. Watch the interview at