When it comes to talking about sex, some regions, it would seem, are slightly more open than others.

Sex is frequently seen as a taboo subject and so many people find taking to Google to ask their personal questions is more favourable than phoning a friend.

Experts at ShowersToYou.co.uk collated data to find out what questions are being asked about sex and who would like to know the answers.

Overall, people in London asked the most questions about ‘sex’ with 135,000 searches on average per month.

In contrast, only 20830 people from the South West want to know the answers to questions such as ‘How to have sex?’ or ‘When is the best time to have sex?’ or even if daily sex is ok.

Practising safe sex is at the forefront of Londoners minds as they again topped the poll, by asking Google the most questions about condoms.

The South West came in 6th position with residents asking, ‘Which condoms feel the best?’ ‘Do condoms kill the feeling?’ and probably most appropriately asking ‘Which condoms are the safest?’

880 people in the South West on average ask questions about lube and they want to know “What does lube do for women?” “What is good lube?” and “Does lube have side effects?”.

Cities asking the most questions about ‘lube’ behind London are Birmingham, with 720 monthly searches and Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester with 390 searches.

The survey showed less people in the South West are concerned with Penis size than lubricant side effects with only 240 people on average in the region asking whether size really does matter?

Types of questions being asked about penises include, “what is the average penis size?” “Is my penis size normal?” and “Is my penis size too small?”.

When it comes to questions about ‘penis size’, the South West came sixth again, but Bristol came third with 110 of the searches.

The region asking the most questions about ‘STIs’ was London with 2900 average monthly searches.

The types of questions being asked include “What are the 3 types of STI?” “What is the difference between STI and STD?” and “How long does it take for STI to show?”

ShowersToYou.co.uk used Google Adwords to find out how many searches are made in each UK city (with a population of 100,000+) for ‘sex’, ‘condoms’, ‘lube’, ‘penis size’ and ‘STI’.