Random acts of kindness are making people smile throughout Cirencester.

Bunches of flowers, money and cake slices, all with notes offering encouragement and hope are among the offerings being left around the town.

Jenny Webster, founder of the Cirencester Kindness Project said: "I really never expected it to take off like this!

"The locals love following the project on its social media sites and really enjoy getting involved.

"It's mad that it has taken off like this, I've only done one flower drop so far, but other people joining in is making the project what it is.

"My opinion is that if it makes just one person smile it's all worth it.

"It proves that even in this current, weird situation the people of Cirencester still have a heart and soul and shows how much joy there is in the community.

Jenny started the project when her sister found flowers in London as part of a similar endeavour, so she decided that she would pay the kindness forward in Cirencester.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Despite only starting on November 6, the kindness project is beginning to get worldwide attention, being picked up for an article in The West Australian newspaper.

Jenny encourages anyone who can think of something that can make someone smile to get involved.

"It doesn't matter what it is, if it's positive and you think that it will make even just one person smile it will be worth it."

"Tag the Cirencester Kindness Project and keep inspiring others to be kind to each other."

If you want to make a drop share it here.