Last week Wiltshire Councillors were told that our County would be in a Tier 3 restrictions‎ by the end of November. Less than a week later and the day this paper is to be published the Government imposes a lockdown.

Yet the day before that shock announcement, its own media spokesperson argued that it would make no sense to "lockdown" down here. No wonder so many residents and businesses are confused.

A month ago, Lib Dem and Labour Leaders backed leading scientists in calling for a short, sharp "circuit breaker" to check the spread of COVID 19 at minimum disruption by coinciding with school half term. Boris said "no". Yet as half term ends, here we are.

Many Government's confronting the pandemic have struggled to safeguard both peoples’ health and their livelihoods. Few have been as chaotic and lacking in clarity as this Government.

Almost no other leadership, other than that of Donald Trump, has failed to trust the proven expertise of local public health teams, or to prioritising effective "track, trace and isolate" programmes. Both are absolutely key to keeping us safe, but here the latter appears to have been farmed out to friends of the government for personal profit. Both failures of national leadership are costing us dear. With even more chaos likely to descend at the end of the year with Brexit we need a government of national unity.

Dr Brian Mathew

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Wiltshire

& Wiltshire Councillor for Box & Colerne