The beautiful Westonbirt Arboretum has deservedly received a £195,500 Government grant to support them during this difficult period. For those of us who were loyal members, continuously patronising their shop, cafe and events, we were saddened to learn that no suspension to subscriptions would be offered. Once their doors had closed we received no notification from them for over a month. When we enquired over a suspension we were initially ignored, then met with hostility.

We understand that this is a charity and needs all the help it can get, yet the PR department chose to treat its members with distain. My partner and I lost around 8 months of membership fees and will not re-join for fear of the same happening again, should another lockdown occur.

Westonbirt is a joyous place with a band of loyal volunteers, making it a great pity that their members are so undervalued.

Sally Reeve