It took decades to wake up to the hazards of tobacco, lead and asbestos. Now, for the first time,

humanity and nature are exposed to an exponential increase of radio and microwaves emitted

by wireless devices, with no safety testing and no protective regulation. This radiation can cause

brainfog, irritability, headaches and eventually cancer.

In May 2015 190 scientists from 39 countries made an appeal to the UN and the World Health

Organisation asking them to adopt protective guidelines for exposure to wireless radiation in

the face of increasing evidence of harm (see Wifi is being installed in

schools, where staff and parents are often unaware of the more than 26,000 independent studies

(published in scientific journals) that show the harm this radiation does to our bodies and minds.

Children are especially susceptible with their thinner skulls and growing brains. According to

the Children Act of 1989 schools have a duty to “ensure the health and safety of children in

their care.” They are failing to safeguard children, exposing them to the risk of cancer and

damage to DNA. The healthy alternative for internet access – a wired computer – is actually

faster and more efficient and harder to hack into. Several schools in the UK have gone back to

wired computers when they noticed the effect of wifi on their pupils and staff.

Could the head teachers of all the schools around Stroud please consider the safer and faster option

of wired computers to protect the health and fertility of their pupils.

Gabriel Millar (former teacher)