Grumbling's not allowed

I tell myself each morning

There's no point to it

You survived World War Two

And a previous pandemic

You're still alive

So Live

No grumbling today

No self pity or yearning

For what you cannot have

Or who you cannot see

Get on with life

And Live

Drown those morning mopes

With cups of tea at breakfast

Swallow your medication

Breathe deeply, feel elation

The sun is out

Live now

Who sees you as old

You're strong minded and bold

As ever you were when young

Dwell not on past measures

But plan your day and

Live it

Don your walking boots

Mask your face and take a bus

Into Stroud, then walk the Frome

And climb the Rodborough fields

Up to the Fort

Live Life

So I did just that

And saw a Kingfisher dive

Flashing its colours in bright

Speared shafts of sunlight

Shining through trees

Real Life

After a good walk

A snack alfresco

On a seat with a vista

Across the valley below and

A bus for home where

I live