Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has announced that Bristol will be moved into ‘Tier 1 Plus’ the first city in the country to be put into this new tier for coronavirus restrictions.

The Tier 1 Plus restrictions involve tighter restrictions that are yet to be confirmed, more local control over test and trace, targeted focus on working adults in the age 30 to 60 bracket and the introduction of Covid marshals to patrol the city.

Bristol’s cases have continued to rise, now with 340 cases per 100,000 population, the average in the UK is under 230.

In a press conference this morning Marvin Rees confirmed, that if these measures do not stop the climbing number of cases, Bristol will be forced to move into Tier 2 or 3 restrictions like other parts of the UK.

The "targeted actions" in Tier 1 Plus are to reduce the spread of the virus.

The new system for Bristol will have three parts using the date, taking on parts of test and trace, and compliance.