PLANS have been revealed for a solar farm near Kemble which could provide electricity for over 14,000 homes.

Bristol-based Aura Power is behind the plans for the solar farm on land owned by the Bathurst Estate, southwest of Kemble and northeast of Chelworth.

The proposed development would save an estimated 20,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Local residents, councillors and other members of the community have been invited to a virtual public consultation to view the plans.

Chris Featonby, UK development manager, Aura Power, said: “Solar power has been confirmed as the cheapest technology for new power generation, and as the UK transitions away from fossil fuels, demand for electricity will be increasing substantially.

"Cotswold and Wiltshire councils have also declared Climate Emergencies with ambitious Net Zero targets.

"Kemble solar farm will therefore make an important contribution to local decarbonisation strategies.

“The site is on land owned by the Bathurst Estate, and is suitable for a solar farm as it is naturally well screened by existing mature hedgerows and parcels of woodland. We are also aware of some residents’ concerns about occasional flooding in the area. The solar farm itself would have no impact on this, but we will be incorporating a range of surface water management measures into the design which will provide long-term local benefits.”

Surface water management measures proposed will include new woodland planting, embankment bunds and swales, and a large area of new native species tussock grass mix; all of which will slow and hold back water flows from running into Kemble Wick.

Proposals also include measures to improve biodiversity and ecology at the site, possible sheep grazing to manage the land and continue its agricultural usage, and a community benefit fund to be spent on local educational, social and environmental projects.

Aura has sent out 580 invitations to local people living near the proposed site.

Anyone who wishes to attend the online consultation should visit the Aura website where there is a link to register.

The consultation will take place on Tuesday, November 10, at 6pm and will provide an opportunity for people to view the proposals, provide feedback and ask questions.

For anyone who is unable to attend live, the consultation event will be pre-recorded and available to view afterwards on the Aura Power website.