PLAYING classical, jazz and film music on the piano, Churn volunteer Denise Ewbank will be performing live on The Churn Project’s Facebook page for this week's Churn Pocket Concert.

Denise, who has played from childhood but has always shied away from performing in public will be live from 7.30pm on Thursday.

Denise said: “I prefer to keep my mistakes to myself if I’m honest and play purely for the pleasure of it.

"This will be an entirely new experience and I’m pretty nervous about it but I’m determined it will be fun and I’m really hoping people will join me online and help raise as much money as possible for this incredible charity; believe me, I wouldn’t be doing this for any other reason!”

Following the success of the monthly concerts, the project are finding talent amongst its volunteers to ensure the concerts can continue.

This month’s Churn Pocket Concert is the eighth in a series organised as a result of the coronavirus lockdown to raise spirits and, importantly, much needed funds for The Churn Project.

Based in Cirencester, the charity supports young families and people at risk from isolation and loneliness in Cirencester and surrounding villages.

It has found the demand for its services growing exponentially since Covid-19 first struck.

The charity’s online pocket concerts are free to access but those enjoying them have the opportunity to donate during and after each concert to help The Churn continue its vital work.