Chedworth news with David Broad

Last Thursday evening obscene graffiti was scrawled over a window at the village hall and the cigarette stub box vandalised. This is the second episode of vandalism this year.

The village hall is currently closed to all bookings except pre school.

Glos County Council has responded to complaints about large stones obstructing highway verges, by writing to the owners of the adjacent land and ordering the stones removal.

Residents are sceptical about the likelihood of the stones actually being moved.

The roadside verges have been mown by the parish council’s contractor over the past week.

This is intended to help the development of biodiversity of our verges and provide an improved environment for wild flowers and fauna.

Collecting the arising helps this process by reducing the nutrient levels in the soil, so they have be collected and disposed of.

The next step to speed up the process of the wild flowers getting a hold is sprinkling a mixture of seeds rich in Yellow Rattle.