Daisy May Cooper is set to join the cast of Taskmaster as it returns for a 10th series.

The This Country star has been announced as one of the five contestants on the new series of Taskmaster, which will air tonight for the first time on Channel 4 after nine series on Dave.

The first series of the show to move to Channel 4 will be slightly different to previous seasons because of lockdown.

Though most of the tasks were filmed before the coronavirus crisis, some team tasks were covered under socially-distanced conditions.

Live theatre shows, for the final on-stage task, have been filmed without a studio audience.

Danielle de Wolfe spoke with comedians and co-hosts Alex Horne and Greg Davies about what to expect.

With Johnny Vegas poised to go shoulder-to-shoulder with Daisy May Cooper, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring, the latest lineup reads like a who's who of British comedy.

Now, following the move from Dave to Channel 4 as part of a landmark six-series deal and with the new series finally complete, Taskmaster Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne (as he's affectionately known) are ready to entertain audiences once again.

But for many, it's the pairing of comedian and Benidorm star Vegas and This Country's Daisy May Cooper that is set to be the show's biggest draw.

"Daisy and Johnny have a unique energy," says Horne. "I think we saw a different side of Johnny to what you'd normally get. You know, we saw a bit more intimacy and his artistic side - which I really wanted to see because he is a proper artist and you occasionally get flashes of that. But you also get the normal tragic breakdowns."

"They're big laughers, they roar," seconds Davies.

"Daisy May Cooper, when she laughs, she commits. It's very reassuring - all comedians are looking for validation and Daisy gives the validation of 200 people."

Mid-way through filming and with heavily pregnant Cooper's due-date fast approaching, the comedians' attention quickly shifted from validation to concern.

"There was never one occasion when she was belly laughing where I didn't think: 'this could be it,'" says Davies of a potentially unplanned birthing scenario.

"I'm sure it will show in our faces if you look closely at the footage."

"When we got to about episode 9, we're thinking: 'Well now, this would be a good story'... we'd have been the worst at delivering a baby," says Horne.

As for whether the pair would ever consider brushing up on their first aid skills?

"We are not a good paramedic team. You wouldn't want this combination turning up in an emergency," agrees Davies.

"When you're giving birth, you don't want a man with a stopwatch and another man shouting... Maybe this interview could answer that question? Maybe women giving birth could let us know if that's what they actually needed? Maybe we'll become professional birthing partners?

"I'm ready. Call my agent."

Taskmaster starts at 9pm on Channel 4. Catch series 1-9 on All 4.