Cotswold District Council has reminded residents of their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety after two "extremely dangerous fly-tips” of asbestos was dumped next to a public footpath.

Council officers say that on both occasions, asbestos sheets were placed in a one ton bag and dumped using a tipper truck next to the footpath entrance in Somerford Keynes.

The most recent incident which occurred on October 1 was reported to the council by the local landowner a day later and cleared by the council's specialist contractor on October 3.

The first incident was reported to the council by a local resident on August 20 and was cleared just a day later.

A spokesman for Cotswold District Council is warning residents about the dangerous of asbestos.

"Recently we have had two fly tips of a very concerning nature, involving asbestos," Said a spokesman for the council.

"The sheets have been placed in a one ton bag and then dumped using a tipper truck at the same location next to a public footpath entrance.

"The asbestos sheets had also been cut using a circular saw. Have you recently had perhaps a shed roof removed, where the contractor cut the sheets on site?

"Did you know that asbestos fibres are extremely dangerous to your health?

"If the contractor is cutting sheets of corrugated roofing with a circular saw then something is wrong and amiss and your property could be covered in dangerous fibres.

"If they are cutting the sheets before removal they are very unlikely to be a licensed waste disposal company.

"They are also covered in these fibres and carrying the danger around with them, for example to their family, their next job or when visiting public places.

"If you have any waste removed from your property by a third party, you must ensure that you have done the duty of care checks, received a waste note and we suggest that you photograph the contractor and their vehicle with number plate. Any reputable contractor will have no issue with this."

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