I am writing to offer support to the parents and children who are struggling to find balance in these extraordinary times; and this week there are extra stresses caused by the 11 Plus exam that so many will be sitting on Saturday.

There are simple, easy and effective tools that you can use to reduce anxiety levels so children feel more relaxed and can be the best version of themselves.

Try them and notice the difference; I am a child therapist and educator and have worked with children and families for over 35 years.

I use brain gym techniques that reduce adrenaline and cortisol responses and turn on higher thinking and intellectual processing: super simple and fast acting… gently tap with your fingers all over your head; trace with your hand figures of eight around your eyes; stand up. Stretch your right hand up as high as you can with your left hand pushing down. Repeat on the other side.

Along with these and many other exercises, I ask that parents reinforce a positive mindset, believe in their children and reassure them that they are lovable regardless of their academic achievements.

Katy Marianne