The number of affordable houses to be built in the Stroud District in future years could be drastically cut if planning changes being proposed by this Tory Government get the go-ahead – the exact opposite of what local people desperately want and need.

This would have serious implications for anyone, especially younger people, hoping to find somewhere affordable to live in their local community.

Right now, developments of more than 10 new houses must include a proportion of affordable homes, or pay a contribution towards providing affordable housing.

According to the Government proposals (in a planning White Paper now out for consultation) in future that would apply only to new estates of more than either 40 or maybe even 50 houses, with developments smaller than that no longer needing to provide any affordable housing at all.

Surely this Government can find ways to help out their big developer friends without further crushing the hopes and aspirations of those desperate to get on the housing ladder. Or do they really just not care?

The Green Party believes councils should be able to decide exactly how much affordable housing their population needs – more, not less – and ensure it’s delivered.

Better still, allow councils to do what they would love to do – solve the housing crisis by building hundreds of thousands of spacious, well-designed and highly insulated low-energy-cost houses that people really can afford to live in, where they’re needed and when they’re needed, which is now.

Yours faithfully,

Chloe Turner, Green Party