I could scarcely believe my eyes when I came across this item in the Sep. 23 edition.

I quote 'Officers (plural!!!) are investigating/door to door enquiries/CCTV footage'. This is simply laughable. Hooray Henries are charging all over the countryside killing fox cubs by the hundred in flagrant breach of the law at this time of year, yet the only time the boys in blue attend is when called by their chums in the hunting community when their illegality is being monitored. The unregistered and overloaded quad bikes are ignored, as are the road blocking antics of the Chelsea Tractor driving hunt supporters. Instead they harass the innocent.

We are 20,000 officers short, thanks to Theresa 'tax cuts for our chums' May's efforts, yet the above is how the remainder are deployed.

I would rather my name and address weren't published, as I don't want to wake up to a disembowelled fox on my doorstep, the usual cowardly nocturnal response of these rural throwbacks.

Anon (name and address supplied)