I have taken time out to read the item on your Opinion Page of a recent edition of the weekly newspaper - submitted by the Leader of Stroud District Council ( Doina Corell ) . For my part , I am entirely opposed to her view that Stroud and other District Councils / the County Council in Gloucestershire should remain . She would have to say that , of course !

A recently published report : in the National Newspapers , advises Central Government that if Unitary Authorities were introduced throughout the country : rather than in isolated pockets - for example in Wiltshire , then savings of taxpayers money " of the order of " £ 6 billion could be achieved : over a period of the next five years . Services would be provided by one Chief Officer - rather than the six presently being funded by the council taxpayer in this county area .

By way of illustration , I would wish to bring to your reader ' s attention that in Wiltshire ( where Unitary Local Government has been successfully operating for more than ten years ) a Scale D Council Tax property charge amounts to £ 1 , 500 per annum , in Gloucestershire the cost is £ 1 , 800 per annum . I rest my case .

Clearly , not only would there be a serious reduction in the number of local government employees : all receiving their " gold plated pensions " , but the numbers of costly Councillors would also be reduced , six fold too . I rest my case !

John Pycroft , A C I P F A ( Retired )